Crunchie munchies

My first success with a healthy recipe with Alistair!  I think probably because I put them into Darth Vader moulds.

80g cashews (or other nuts if you’d prefer – soaked in water overnight and drained and rinsed in the morning)
40g sunflower seeds (soaked in water overnight and drained and rinsed in the morning)
20g raw cacao powder
90g prunes (you can use dates instead if you’re not mad keen on prunes)
90g dried apricots
50g of 70% dark chocolate, chopped
1 tsp vanilla

crunchie munchie mix


  1. After draining and rinsing the nuts and sunflower seeds, whizz them in a food processor  until roughly chopped.
  2. Add the prunes (or dates), apricots, vanilla, cacao and chocolate and continue whizzing the mixture turns into a paste.  If you’re struggling to reach the paste-like consistency, pop in some more prunes or dates to add a little moisture.
  3. Now choose a tin or moulds for your fabulous Crunchie Munchies to go into.  We use fun ones like Darth Vader or Lego bricks.  If you’re using a non-silicone tin, line with baking parchment to make removing the goodies super easy.
  4. Pop the tin or moulds into the freezer to set for 30-ish minutes.  If you’re happy eating them ice cold they taste amazing straight from the freezer. They also taste super when they’re not so solid, but may be a little sticky. Your choice!

crunchie munchies


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